So,  ’If the best camera you have is the one you have with you’, then quite often that is your phone.

So many people apologise to me for the fact that they use their phone for taking photos and have not got to grips with their DSLR – they feel bad and that they are cheating!

Surely –

      a great photograph is a great photograph?

Does it matter what you took it on?

There are so many tricks to making a good photograph and they can translate to any equipment.

I have listed below some of the tricks that I have found to making a great photograph on my phone. Once you start to see in this way it will become second nature to you and you can then develop your photographers eye.


Firstly, find your perspective – get down low or look up and see what is above you. Finding a new perspective on everyday things will set your pictures apart from everyone else. Then try it in colour and black and white and see which you prefer.


Never just take one photo!  If you know the image is in there, keep taking it until you get what you want from the moment. As you can see below from my screen shot I took LOADs to get the two images that I wanted. The screen-shotted ones are the ones remaining after I deleted a whole load more!



Even in your landscape photos people can give you such a great focal point and add scale to your image.  

Leading Lines (Do I go on about this a lot?!)

Lines in your photographs draw the eye in a specific direction around the picture.  Curvy lines will create a different feel to straight lines and we can use them to direct towards our focal point. These are all ways of making your photograph stand out.

Rule of Thirds.

Its much more ascetically pleasing to have the main focal point of your image on the ‘thirds’  See attached link to understand this really well.

These are some great ways to start improving your photography on your phone. If you would like to know more why not sign up for a training course with me so you never miss a moment again with your family or that opportunity to capture the beauty that you can see.

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