There are a few things we can do to make sure we get a great photo every time! By learning these  fundatmental photography tips we can start making a photograph, rather than taking a photograph. 

So first things first…

Experiment. All the time!

  • Shooting from different perspectives. Getting down low for example, or lying down looking up.
  • Zooming in close or stepping back for a wider shot.
  • Photographing your subject from every different angle.
  • Taking the photograph portrait and landscape.


millennium bridge london reflections

Check your backgrounds.

There is nothing worse than a great portait with a palm tree growing out of your mums head! Check everything within the frame and ask yourself, do you want it there?

Notice it before you take the photograph, move yourself or move your subject to make sure the background is flattering the foreground.


silhouette of man with umbrella in sunset

Holding the camera straight!

This is actaully harder than you think, especially when you are little and there are lots of distractions.

But an unintentionally wonky horizon will ruin the most captivating image.

There are definatley times when the photograph works really well taken on an angle but when it’s not intentional it jarres!

yellow fields with stormy skies

Get in Close!

Always look for the details.

One of my favourite things is sparkly eyes! Over the years, being mainly a portrait photograper I have photographed lots of them – each time it makes my heart skip a little.

There maybe other things that make you feel like this. It might raindrops, or snowflakes, rainbows or shoes.  What ever gets you excited, photograph it – up close! Then see if your heart skips a bit too!

Family walking in the trees

Take LOTS of photos!

The more you take photographs the more you will learn what looks good to you and what doesn’t.

If it looks good to you, then it’s good! That is the joy of photography, it is your art so no one can tell you it isn’t right.

There are definitely things that will help your photographs to look good to other people too, but really it is about how you see the world and how you want to show it to other people. That is the fun of expressing yourself!

Family walking in the trees

Photograph Everything!

If it moves or doesn’t, if it’s light or dark, if it works or doesn’t, it all adds to your experience and helps develop you photographers’ eye.
Once you start looking at things differently you see potential photographs everywhere.

It is so important to photograph everything, that way we don’t end up with holiday pictures of just buildings, or all family photos but not landscapes or scenery. It also helps us hone our skills.

Family walking in the trees


Find a Point of Interest. 

Interesting photographs have interesting things in them!
When we take a photograph it is helpful if we can make it obvious to the viewer exactly what it is we want them to notice. 

We need a ‘focal point’ in our image that draws the eye in. That way our picture will have more impact. 


Family walking in the trees

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All photographs taken by Helen Rayner.

(Posted with permission)