The Duke of Edinburgh awards are a great way of setting your child apart from the crowd buy giving them opportunities to try new things and be recognised for them.

I have written this course especially for the young people so that it is engaging, really good fun and practical and includes lots of hot chocolates in our local café – The Breadhouse –

The Breadhouse then run an annual Exhibition of the children’s work to show the community the level of skill they have gained. It’s a lovely boost for them and they get a free framed piece of work at the end of the course. I them sign them off after the 3 months once they show me a presentation of their work.

It’s been a really successful course over the last few years and has been met with enthusiasm from parents, schools and the teenagers themselves.

Photography Tours. Prices Vary, depending on location and length of tour. Please contact me for specific details.

These have been an enormously popular follow on from the courses as it’s a fantastic way to put into practise all that attendees have learnt. There are opportunities to go to London and Windsor as well as try our hand at landscape photography in the Chilterns.