…And I’m exactly who you need.


Let’s be honest…

‘Average’ just isn’t cutting it anymore!

NOW is the time to up your game, and its a lot easier than you think!

Your Personal Brand Photography Session is one of the easiest ways to attract your ideal clients.

It works like a magnet.

Confidenly being visible, you show your clients how professional you are and they  therefore trust your expertise.

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Let’s work together to plan a bespoke shoot that highlights the individuality or your brand. You can use  the stunning bank of  images across all your media platforms,  expressing  the very essence of your brand.

Photographs that set you apart from your competition.

Photographs that catch the eye of your new clients.


Investing with me in your brand photography will help you stand out from the competition. By having a bank of bespoke images you will attract new clients, save time on your social media and feel proud of the image you portray.

How the session works

 Once you we have chosen a date to work together we have a planning session, usually up to 1 hour. You tell me all about you! How your business works, your brand colours, the clients you are trying to attract and how you go about this. As your outfits and styling are obviously so important we discuss this, although I do have a stylist available if you wish to speak with her. We schedule in the different locations we will use in your session to show you in the very best light.  We then plan your shoot considering all this information to maximise the time we have together.  


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A picture tells one thousand words.

It’s true!

let your powerful visual content do the talking for you. as We are bombarded with words everyday and ignore a lot of them, lets capture images that cannot be ignored.





You only get one chance to make a first impression.

 It’s true 

If you are serious about attracting new customers, you need to get serious about how you attract them. The images you use speak volumes to your clients. Lets make sure they are saying the right things. 



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Sometimes the little things make the big difference


It’s true!

You need to make an impact to help you make an income! Your visual story is a fundamental way of doing this, speaking  a professional language to your clients.



‘…Our shoot with Helen was relaxed and very well planned. Our images are stunning and we love how well they reflect every part of our business. We have attracted better clients because of this…’




Take a look at the FAQ’s to help build the picture

Brand Photography

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 Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe!

How long does the shoot take?

You can book a 1 hour session, but by far the most popular option is the 3 hour session. This gives us time for different locations and different outfits, plenty of time to be focused and not rushed. 

Help! I'm so awkward in front of a camera!

So many people say this to me! Believe me, after our planning meeting we will know each other so well that any awkardness will have dissipated long ago! We will have discussed your outfits so you know you will be looking your best and then my job to direct you so that you won’t be left wondering what to do next. I have had plently of experience with this and know exactly what works and what doesn’t so you can relax and trust me!

Please can you photoshop my wrinkles?

Again, so many people ask me this! Usually with no need at all. We always look our best when we are being ourselves!

I will always do a light edit on my photographs, to make the colours pop and the composition stunning. Your photographs will look professional and relaxed and will reflect your style and brand completely. If you feel you would rather have a stronger edit with more actual ‘photoshopping’ I would pass this on to my photoshop expert who could help you with this part of the process.

My workplace is small and cramped - What can I do?

Don’t worry! In our planning meeting we will discuss our location choices. I have contacts with stunning locations, and I am sure you know of some too. We use these spaces to add a professional feel to your images and to give an uncluttered look. We will use different locations on our shoot to encompass the different aspects of your brand. 

What do I actually get for my investment?

Good question! We start with a  planning session so that I can understand more about you and your brand, you can tell me your story! We then have our session together in our different locations with your different outfits, you then recieve from me a bank of bespoke images that you can use for all your marketing and social media.  In our initial converstation more of this will be explained as there are so many benifits to you for booking your session, the list is endless!

Business lady with arms folded

...just what we needed

Helen gave us just what we needed to take our social media and marketing to the next level – no more wasting time looking for average stock images!


As your Photographer I will ensure that your experience is relaxed, fun and professional.

I hope to truely capture the joy within you and give you a product you are proud of.