Its increasingly important to have great headshots now that so much networking is done online and LinkedIn has so much clout as far as first impressions go.

The corporate world seem to have been stepping forward with this too, making sure that any images on their websites or ‘whos’ who’ boards are uniform and up to date.  There is nothing worse than cringing every time you see a photo misrepresenting yourself or your company.

Having great up to date headshots really helps to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Whether formal or informal you will feel so much more confident about presenting yourself knowing that you have done a professional job on every level.  Why compromise on something so important?

I can help you achieve stunning results for acting and modelling agencies tailored to your specific needs. Just ask.



How To Photograph Teens

How To Photograph Teens

How To Photograph Teens (without asking them to smile!)     I live with 4 teenagers. It’s great fun watching their personalities really grow through this time but can also be a challenge working out when to leave them in their room and when to coax them down...



I'm celebrating! It has taken a lot of hard work and thought to put this new website together -  I'm really pleased with it and I'd like to share that lovely feeling with you! So here is your to chance to win a family photo session! This would include 5 digital images...


Over the years photography has become my way of expressing myself , finding my  ‘creative voice’ in way. I get very passionate about enabling others to do the same, this has then resulted in me training lots of people on how to develop their photographers eye.