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Are you always frustrated that you can’t capture a moment the way it feels? Always feeling like the photos you take don’t represent the memory?
There are a few ways to combat this and I thought I’d list them out in 5 Top tips to help you get some great results and take the frustration out of it.

Top Tip Number 1 – Photograph them as they are, not as you’d like them to be

We all have an image in our heads of our gorgeous little ones looking angelic (and clean!), smiling at the camera like butter wouldn’t melt! Haha – good luck with that!

Now let’s get real! They are likely to be climbing and covered in mud, splashing in a puddle chasing the dog or trying to escape your clutches – if they are older, they are likely to be a little more sultry and more engaged in snap chat than you asking them to smile.


Give yourself a break! Take the expectation off the perfect image, and embrace what is before you! They are beautiful covered in mud, or playing on their phone! These are the memories, the ones right before you NOW!

So photograph what you see, not what you’d like to see!


Top Tip Number 2 – Keep the background really simple!

If you are always on the look out for easy backgrounds, no distractions or environmental give aways (bins, signposts etc) then your images will always look so much lovelier!

The subject matter – your beautiful child – will not be fighting for attention in the photo, and they won’t have lampposts growing out of their heads (this is never a good look!) and they will stand out in the image so much better.

It can be easier to move yourself rather than the child as they might be engrossed in their activity, so just keep moving around until the background is right.

Top Tip Number 3 – Make it FUN!

Kids are all about the fun! If you stop them doing what they are enjoying to take a photo they probably won’t be smiling! If you take it while they are doing what they love you’ll get a much better image! Let them wear the wellies, the sunglasses, Grandads cap, it all adds to the fun!

Or just play the joker! Blow raspberries, wiggle your bottom or do a little dance. Dad dancing is sure to get them laughing!


Top Tip Number 4 – Get on their level. 

If your cheeky monkeys are dramatically smaller than you…

Get down on their level,

Lie on the floor,

Crouch down or  sit on the see-saw!

What ever it takes but play with the angles so you are not always photographing them from your own eye level. It’s their faces you want to capture, not the top of their heads!

Top Tip Number 5 – If all else fails TICKLE!

Sit the little pickles  next to each other and let them tickle each other on the count of 3!

You will be laughing just as much as them!

Just remember to have the camera ready and not get so carried away giggling you forgot to take the photos!





In my 12 years of photographing children I have used these top tips every day to ensure my clients get gorgeous results and photographs that fully represent their family.

A LOT of tickling goes on, and bottom wiggling, if possible by Grandpa as he get the biggest laughs every time! FUN is the way ahead with this every time!

It’s also worth involving the children in the photography process – show them how they look, get them to pull funny faces so they can then see how silly they look!

Trust me, they’ll love it!



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