Welcome to my blog.  This is where you can keep up to date with all that I have been up to.  A little glimpse into my world, where you will have insight in to why I love what I do!



Rockin Vans. 2018

When you are asked if you would like a weekend away to photograph a couple of VW Campervans - well-  you'd be daft to say no!   I thought I would write a bit  about it as we had so much fun in the vans and thought you need to know!

We borrowed two 2017 VW converted Transporters, one manual and the other automatic. There are six of us in our family so we had a boys van and a girls van and off we went to the south coast in February half term. Now I packed thick fluffy socks and blankets, warm pyjamas and lots of layers totally expecting not to get a wink of sleep because of the cold.  

How naive was I?  

I had totally underestimated the 5* quality of the vans!  Once we arrived at Twelve Oaks Campsite   and plugged into the electrics it all came alive - the spotlights came on, the efficient heating system worked immediately and we cooked our tea as cosy as can be. 

We turned the passenger seat round and set up the table and ate in a very civilised manor feeling rather smug that the others campers on the site were not enjoying such luxury! 

The roof pops up to give room for 2 to sleep up top and then we converted the back seats into a super comfy and cosy double bed.

Hot chocolates anyone?!

Our  four children, 14, twins that are 13  and Ben who is 9 all enjoyed the vans for different reasons. The sense of adventure, the cosiness, the sleeping arrangements, all added to the enormous bank of memories we brought home with us.  Most of the conversation on the way back past Stonehenge was about when would it be possible to hire the vans again! 

Rockinvans was the perfect experience for us, the driving was easy, the vans being very responsive and so easy to drive, fitted with reversing cameras as well as sat nav and all the mod cons that make for a very pleasurable  journey, so really all we had to concerntrate on was enjoying ourselves!


We decided to head down to Devon for our little adventure, it was a good time of year to do this as it was not too busy on the windy country lanes leading into Salcombe town.  Once we found somewhere to park we headed into the quaint and  atmospheric centre and indulged ourselves with the traditional ice-creams! This was the icing on the cake for children who were still enjoying the excitement of the vans and an impromptu weekend away let alone Lime Cheesecake ice-cream by the sea!

We talked a lot while we were all snuggled up in our vans about how  they work really well for all ages and circumstances - my husband and I were talking about how we would like to adventure away together, just the two of us and do some romantic wild camping - and the children mentioned how  lovely it would have been to have had the opportunity for this when they  were smaller as they would have felt like proper little campers on an intrepid journey. Every which way you look at it, it works brilliantly.

rockinvans we can't wait to do it again!

DSC_2847 (2).jpg

Daffodil Days.



Last year I took out this lovely family for photoshoot as they had been through a really unexpectedly traumatic time.  I have found that when people are struggling a lot of the time we don't know what to do or what to say to help make things better. I heard someone once say 'Just use whats in your hand to bless others with' - this then set me thinking.....

The thing most often in my hand is my camera. 

(or chocolate actually if I am really honest - but I'm not sharing that!)

This then sparked an idea.  Why not bless families with a free photoshoot to boost them up when it feels like the whole world is against them.

Now this lovely family call themselves 'Team Daffodil' because their hard times came in the spring and Mum is determined to bloom each year, getting stronger and shining brighter with her special girls, just like the daffodils do. We talked about the idea of me starting a new initiative where each spring time I offer one family shoot to someone who needs a boost!

It would be lovely if you would nominate someone  

( http://www.helenraynerphotography.com/read-me/ )

who you think would really benefit from this and then I could spend some time with them in the spring time helping them to make some happier memories. 

Greg from GS Photos  (http://www.gsphotos.co.uk)  in Gerrards Cross is going to pick the name out of the hat on the Wednesday the 21st March and has offered his services with any printing after the family shoot. 

Can't wait to get out there this spring time and see some smiling faces! 



Getting my headshots done. 


      (at last!)

So far this year I have spent a lot of time doing things I have not done before! Its been exciting and exhausting all at the same time - one of the things I had to do was bite the bullet and get my headshots done....

Wow - now I know how you all feel!  

Goodness I got myself in a flap!

 I have managed to put this off for a long time finding myself so much more comfortable behind the camera, not in front of it!


So I started off getting in touch with two of my lovely photographer friends, Vivienne Blewitt and Ray Higginbottom - both amazing creatives that have become my dear friends from GX Camera Club.


I did have a good idea in mind of what I wanted to end up with (I think this does help!) and also chose photographers that I felt comfortable with who were honest, and actually wanted to help me look the way I wanted to, not the way they wanted me to (also very important!).


What on earth to wear...?

As you can see from my iPhone images I had a minor crisis over what to wear - at this point I should have got in touch with Karin Timothy at House of Colour https://www.houseofcolour.co.uk/find-a-stylist/profile/2831 for some serious confidence boosting help!

Instead I struggled on adorning the landing with my whole wardrobe looking for something not too bright, not too clingy, too dark or too patterned.  

Check out these guys for some serious help on how to do it well.... https://leadersinheels.com/style/styling-tips/what-to-wear-for-business-headshots/


The make up....!

I then had to attack the make up box. Aaargh!!  

I was rummaging so hard for black eye pencil nearly to be fooled by the Moshi Monsters black felt tip one of the children had left in there for such days.  

Great start.  

However, I went for the natural look and decided not to use a trowel and see how we got on...


January 2017

I thought January was going to be a quiet month to get my ducks in a row after Christmas and my busy season and think ahead to all the new things going on - however I have found myself inundated with enquiries for Headshots.

Its increasingly important to have great Headshots now that so much networking is done online and Linked In has so much clout as far as first impressions go.

The Corporate world seem to have been stepping forward with this too, making sure that any images on their websites or 'whos' who' boardsare uniform and up to date.  There is nothing worse than cringing every time you see a photo misrepresenting yourself or your company.

Having great up to date headshots really helps to keep you a step ahead of the competition. Whether formal or informal you will feel so much more confident about presenting yourself knowing that you have done a professional job on every level.  Why compromise on something so important?

Looking Forward...

There are so many things I am looking forward to as the winter subsides and spring comes along.

With more location shoots booked in it will be great to spend longer outside with families, watching children relaxing in the great outdoors.  Although it has been loads of fun to do studio days and indoor work I still think most of the fun with photography is found outside!